Wayside Inn Sold to New Owners at $802,625; Keeps History Intact

Quad State Business Journal readers were alerted to the auction of the historic Wayside Inn on October 16 throughout September and the first part of October both ad space and editorial and, as reported by those at the auction, nearly 60 people crowded Read more [...]

Historic Wayside Inn Offers Tremendous Opportunity

  Nearly everyone the staff of the Quad State Business Journal and those we have spoken with have a memory about the Wayside Inn.  There was the dramatic wedding where the bride appeared almost at the last minute to the great relief of the groom.  There Read more [...]

Quad State Unemployment Solution? Create Your Own Job

In the Quad State region we are blessed with better than average employement numbers as compared to the rest of the United States. To butress the above, we have Franklin County, PA with the second highest in the region at 6.6% but with the huge Proctor Read more [...]

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