How Are Quad State Businesses Faring In the e-Commerce War?

By Jack Stephens, QSBJ Business Writer Although the stats from the US Census Bureau only exist through 2011, there is a lot we can learn from the general direction of the country and extrapolated to your own business. No, this will not be a survey of Read more [...]

Just-Released Wholesale Report by US Census Bureau Shows More Problems in Economy

  Jack Stephens, QSBJ Business Writer The US Census Bureau released its Monthly Wholesale Trade Report based on a survey of around 4,500 wholesale enterprises in the United States. Here is the data directly from the Census Bureau... January 2014 sales Read more [...]

Quad State and National New Residential November Construction Figures Released

NEW RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION IN NOVEMBER 2013 [Publisher's Note: Getting accurate government figures is sometimes like trying to nail Jell-O to the proverbial wall. There are counties who have accurate figures, but will not release the figures to the Read more [...]

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