Responses to ‘Chamber Betraying Rank and File’ Guest Editorial

[Publisher's Note: Two items.This is an editorial followup to a December 6, 2013 editorial, headlined Is the National Chamber of Commerce Betraying the Interests of the Rank and File Business Owner. We put her letter as an editorial from an anonymous Read more [...]

Court Rules FOR Business in an ‘Important Victory’ Decision

  Washington,DC—An appeals court on Tuesday just struck down a federal rule that would have required over 6,000,000 businesses nationwide to put up union posters informing employees of the right to form a union. The decision, affecting several Read more [...]

WV Senate Bill 464 Reveals Larger Issue for Quad State Businesses

A bill that would require WV businesses with tanning beds to prevent their use by any person younger than 18 reveals a troubling side for Quad State business owners. The bill includes penalties that would range from a $500 fine for a first offense to Read more [...]

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