The Four Ways to Find Out if Your Enterprise Is Ready for Your Own Business Coach

“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.” --Proverbs 12:15-ESV Not that the Quad State Business Journal is trying to editorially be like Forbes Magazine, but this verse from Proverbs seemed appropriate for both Read more [...]

Writing the Winning Press Release an SEO Strategy for Your Quad State Business

By Jill Sommers with Steve Lanning While we headline this article with the specific slant of Quad State businesses, press release rules flow pretty much the same anywhere in the US. Any administrative assistant worth his or her salt has read countless Read more [...]

Forget Getting a Mobile Website, A Whopping 47% of Quad State Businesses Don’t Even Have Websites: SBA

Could This Statistic Be True In 2014? We recently ran across a stat from the Small Business Administration, SCORE specifically, that we are looking at with a suspicious eye (along with other stats by other government agencies!). With hand held Read more [...]

Refocusing On Lifetime Value of a Customer

"Just because the product the customer purchased is out of warranty, it doesn't mean the customer is also out of date." --Seth Godin   Quick, what is the lifetime value of your top five customers? Your top 10 customers? Those of us in the entrepreneur-preaching, Read more [...]

The New Entrepreneurial Demographic: Age 44-70?

Beyond the Boomer Demographic One of the things that folks taking retirement in the Quad State think about is getting into some sort of business in their native Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia or Virginia county. Those working past retirement age Read more [...]

Are the People Answering Your Phone Silently Killing Your Business?

phone serviceThe Four Steps To Better Customer Representation "ABC Widget Company...How can we make you smile today?" Well at least that is how you drew it up in the training session: Gather the information, get the caller to the right department and create Read more [...]

Direct Marketing Taking Lead Over E-Mail in Prospecting for Quad State Businesses

More Quad State Businesses Now Using Direct Mail—Even Google--  By Jack Stephen, QSBJ Business Writer Plus, there are SO many more Quad State businesses that could greatly benefit themselves by becoming students of direct mail. But let's start from Read more [...]

AARP Adds Starting Your Own Business Webinar to Include Quad State Region

By Jill Sommers We'll it is as if the AARP wants to take over SCORE, too. Everybody wants to get into the act of doing 'How To Start Your Own Business' seminars it seems. Of course Quad State businesses really don't mind if another business starts Read more [...]

How Are Quad State Businesses Faring In the e-Commerce War?

By Jack Stephens, QSBJ Business Writer Although the stats from the US Census Bureau only exist through 2011, there is a lot we can learn from the general direction of the country and extrapolated to your own business. No, this will not be a survey of Read more [...]

Large Bank Survey: Is This the End of Banking as We Know It?

Bank Survey: Are We Looking at the Demise of the National Bank? By Steve Lanning If Quad State bank execs were reading their recent issue of American Banker, among the lead articles was an article on a very interesting three-year longitudinal survey Read more [...]

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