The Quad State Federation of Freelance Business Solution Providers

Freelance SolutionsJust What Is the Value of the Independent Advice Marketer to Your Business? Is it time that those of us in business paid more attention to the singletons marketing their services—aka freelancers? OK, don't try to Google that association appearing Read more [...]

Is There a Payoff from Golden Rule Business Leadership?

  Are You a Good Example of Leadership To The People In Your Quad State Organization? “We strive to deliver something for which there is unlimited demand–being treated with honor and respect. There seems to be a very limited supply of that Read more [...]

How to Keep Your Quad State Start Up From Failure

  As I have spent several years working with SCORE in and around my 41 years earning my paycheck with street-level entrepreneurs, I thought it was about time the Quad State Business Journal did an article on why businesses fail. I know that Read more [...]

To the Singleton Marketing Their Services: Three Unusual Rules for Client Engagement

Ah, the singleton marketing their services...the ultimate entrepreneurial adventure! Over the last four decades with large chunks of that time marketing my own services and other large chunks helping others market their services, there are a few things Read more [...]

Should Your Marketing Aim Be Towards ‘Building Your Brand’ or Selling Your Products and Services?

Can you do both? Now I have to admit, I'm the old-timer around here, so I have to be schooled on each new latest and greatest 'new' way to acquire customers. Yet I'm wondering if 'branding' is the new buzzword to sell marketing, hmmm. We acquired Marlon Read more [...]

Quad State Small Business Groups Being Led by Jefferson County Initiative

JCDA Hires Jefferson County’s First Business/Entrepreneur Coach Publisher's Statement: Although the Quad State Business Journal is finally having other writers than the publisher, this subject is personal. I have been wanting to see a development Read more [...]

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