This is the second and final installment of PR for business—what you should be looking for—even if you are paying a PR consultant or marketing person to do it while you are out earning money. When we last left our heroes (not really, I've always Read more [...]

Is The ‘Old’ Public Relations Still Good for Business?

There was a time where a business could hire a 'PR Guy or Gal' and have them either write press releases on the company and/or have them schmooze at various business events. And the PR hire's salary would be paid for several times over by the uptick Read more [...]

Declining Employment in Coal Industry Costing Obama Administration Union Support

  Looking around our Quad State region, we are encouraged to see the resurgence of business in many of our local areas, but a pall still exists over business in many others. Many Quad State business owners tell us privately that if we ever get Read more [...]

Part 1: Are You Working ON Your Business or Working IN It? (How to Be Your Own Business Coach)

This article is going to launch a 'personal business' series in the Quad State Business Journal. We are interviewing a lot of interesting folks--not only here in the Quad State, but the so-called 'business gurus' across North America. "Sometimes we Read more [...]

IRS Taxpayer Advocate for Quad State Businesses, Tax-Exempt Organizations and Their Accountants Published Today

This is a Quad Street Journal update from the announcement we ran for the Taxpayer Advocate report a couple months ago. Some say that the IRS, depending on how the coming election this Fall turns out, is going to be slowly dying. Already, because Read more [...]

Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber Announces Events

In our ongoing quest for the Quad State Business Journal to publicize the news of all of our 11 area chambers of commerce in the QSBJ footprint, this installment concerns the Berkeley County area. Obviously, if you live in surrounding counties, you Read more [...]

Quad State Business: Trouble in Treasuries? Get Into A No-Borrowing Position ASAP

You should be hearing this as a duplicate message from your accountant as well. The bond market is going through a potentially dangerous situation. According to a report by Bloomberg, the 'culprit' is the so-called repo market within Treasuries of the Read more [...]

Shippensburg Chamber Posts Coming Events

As the Quad State Business Journal editorial committee, in an effort to get business news to the Quad State business community as quickly as possible, the QSBJ is now taking direct press releases from individual chambers. Please try Read more [...]

Winchester Business Gaining New Tools for Clients

Bruce Allen and PlanMember Open Financial Center in Winchester S. Bruce Allen, president of Old Dominion Insurance & Investments, Inc. in Winchester, Virginia., is proud to announce his new affiliation with PlanMember Securities Corporation Read more [...]

Quad State Businesses On Seven Easy Ways to Preserve Cash—-Is There Any Better Way to Say ‘Cash Is King’ In Your Business?

OK, do you have a 'best' way you retain your revenue from customers in this economy? We thought it was an insightful question, but we were pleasantly surprised by the number of practical ways we found that a number of Quad State businesses are accomplishing Read more [...]

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