Would an App Be a Profitable Tool for Your Business? Part II

You can see that in Part I we laid the critical groundwork as to a) if you even need an app for your particular enterprise; and b) how to think about finding the most actionable parts of that foundation. Now we launch forward. We Have the Strategy Read more [...]

Get Your Business In Front of Quad State Media TONIGHT!

In a rare opportunity for Quad State businesses, owners, managers and marketing people, there is the opportunity to meet seven LOCAL publishers and media representatives. The networking starts tonight at 5:30 at the Inn at Charles Town, 100 Hollywood Read more [...]


This is the second and final installment of PR for business—what you should be looking for—even if you are paying a PR consultant or marketing person to do it while you are out earning money. When we last left our heroes (not really, I've always Read more [...]

10-Point Boomers Guide to Developing a Business In Retirement (Or On the Side)–Part I

To this writer, one of the most disappointing things in being (ahem) at the age of so-called retirement is seeing the thousands of my fellow boomers take their talent out of the marketplace. Sure, I've been told, why bother yourself. Just sit back, Read more [...]

Martinsburg-Berkeley County Chamber Announces Events

In our ongoing quest for the Quad State Business Journal to publicize the news of all of our 11 area chambers of commerce in the QSBJ footprint, this installment concerns the Berkeley County area. Obviously, if you live in surrounding counties, you Read more [...]

The Quad State Accountant As Business Adviser, Too? Four Things In Using an Accountant To Get Sound, Ongoing Business Advice

Tinkerer or Craftsman? And, pray tell, what are the roles of the consultant and business coach when we need to get some arms-length business advice? And don't cop out with the standard answer that it depends on what kind of advice is needed. Sure, Read more [...]

Want to Sell to the Government? Quad State Busnesses Have Some Current SBA Resources to Consider

Now working with the  government, as any part of a supply chain, may be a tough pill to swallow for some of our 43,000+ businesses in our Quad State Business Journal footprint. However, when you think about it, our government really doesn't manufacture Read more [...]

Did the IRS Just Cut Out Lawyers In the Creation of Non-profits?

New 1023-EZ Form Makes Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Easier; Most Charities Qualify  Maybe new Quad State charities will have less start-up expense now than use a local attorney to form their non-profit. However the use of attorneys strike Read more [...]

Entrepreneur’s Classroom: Which is Better for Your Business Objectives–LLC or S Corp?

Every now and then, those of us who are hanging around the Quad State Business Journal writing crew put something together that answers a question that we had concerning business formation--either years ago or yesterday. We try to make these 'classroom' Read more [...]

Naming Products and Companies: Is Your Firm Known As a Problem-Solver or a Solution-Provider Type Firm?

Some of what you are about to read is painful or embarrassing for me to write. As this discussion can take off in about six different directions, we are sticking to the topic of what we call our companies or product/service and the resulting marketplace Read more [...]

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