Advertising vs. Promotion

What Is the Difference and Why Should I Care? The main thing in the minds of business owners is simply to get customers in the door (or in the mail or through their website and so on). Yet becoming a student of the various facets of marketing can pay Read more [...]

Advertising, Marketing, Selling & Promotion In the Quad State

 Deploying Your Business Weapons In the Quad State: Advertising, Marketing, Selling & Promotion By Steve Lanning The Quad State is a region where a Wal-Mart was sited in such a marvelous fashion that the poorest showing among their 4,000+ US Read more [...]

Customer Transaction Data: Can You Beat Groupon At Their Own Game?

Businesses in the Quad State are finding some very interesting correlations between who, what and when customers buy and their future buying tendencies. Of course savvy business owners have always kept up this data with their own customer lists. (What's Read more [...]

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