IRS Taxpayer Advocate for Quad State Businesses, Tax-Exempt Organizations and Their Accountants Published Today

This is a Quad Street Journal update from the announcement we ran for the Taxpayer Advocate report a couple months ago. Some say that the IRS, depending on how the coming election this Fall turns out, is going to be slowly dying. Already, because Read more [...]

Did the IRS Just Cut Out Lawyers In the Creation of Non-profits?

New 1023-EZ Form Makes Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Easier; Most Charities Qualify  Maybe new Quad State charities will have less start-up expense now than use a local attorney to form their non-profit. However the use of attorneys strike Read more [...]

‘Your IRS Payment of $5,678.12 Has Been Rejected’ and Other Online Frauds

Depending where one gets their information, between 96.8% and 99.4% of all businesses in the USA use the Internet in at least some portion of their business. Quad State businesses are right in that upper percentage. We use the Internet to make and receive Read more [...]

Is There a Quad State Non-Profit You Are Working With? The IRS Flags May 15 As a Critical Date

When I was working closely with non-profits a few years ago, I remember looking at the huge list of 'Revoked Non-Profits' in the Quad State region and I remember letting out a little gasp. As you may know, the majority of non-profits are shoestring operations—that Read more [...]

If You Are 70.5 Years of Age, The IRS Wants You To Pay Attention To April 1

This is a special bulletin for all our friends who have reached that wonderful milestone. It really doesn't matter what you have done over your life in the Quad State region, business owner or employee, you need to take notice of April first. After Read more [...]

Quad State Businesses Contribute to Record $1.1 Trillion US Treasury Revenues, Hit with 33% Capital Gains Increase All Under the 2013 American Taxpayer Relief Act

  The impact of the 2013 American Taxpayer Relief Act for Quad State businesses is taking effect in a big way, not only with increased revenues to the US Treasury, but in a huge 33% increase in capital gains. Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues Read more [...]

IRS To Open 2014 Tax Season Filing Jan. 31 for Quad State Businesses

  Quad State businesses join the rest of American businesses in launching the filing season late. Seeing the 3.2 percent growth just announced, one might think hard about getting the government to shut down again to grow the economy. This of course Read more [...]

National Taxpayer Advocate Delivers 2013 IRS Report to Congress—- Full Report Published Here

Quad State business owners are involved in this report. You may not see it at first, but you are. It may take you about 7 minutes to read, but there will be few other media outlets, let alone your local newspaper, who will give you this report word-for-word--and Read more [...]

145,400 U.S. Taxpayers Gave the Government $5.7 Trillion in 2011—-But Is That Enough?

Well, the 2011 tax returns are all present and accounted for. Quad State business owners did their part. The question has to be asked, how much more than $5.7 trillion do we want our country to be in debt? We've included links at the end so that you Read more [...]

IRS Gives Quad State Business Owners 2013 Year-End Gift-Giving Guidelines

Ownership of Quad State businesses fall into all the areas from sole proprietorships, partnerships, to limited liability corporations to complex multinationals. But as Christmas is always a time for renewal and giving, the IRS gives us a reminders and Read more [...]

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