The Coming Quad State Regional Jobs War; Nice Problem to Have or Problem in Search of a Solution?

tug a warLook at where we are right now. Just from what we have posted in the Quad State Business Journal over the last 4-5 weeks, we have three of our central counties--Jefferson, Berkeley and Franklin--with major companies with job announcements. In Jefferson, Read more [...]


Chambersburg Area Development Corp. real estate successes have enabled the not-for-profit industrial development corporation to continually give back to the community. CADC Executive Director David G. Sciamanna said Friday that CADC’s greatest impact Read more [...]

Franklin County Chamber Charges Forward In Membership Growth

Of the things we love to bring to readers attention, new and active businesses are always at the top of our list. And we know that a business is active by their involvement with business organizations. We love to receive press releases of those new and Read more [...]

Chambersburg, Other Quad State Communities Taking Business Development to the Next Level

It is an exciting thing to see what is happening in our Quad State region benefiting businesses--both existing and new--as communities seek new ways to understand the care and feeding of the all-important small business. We have the entrepreneurial Read more [...]

Quad State Unemployment Solution? Create Your Own Job

In the Quad State region we are blessed with better than average employement numbers as compared to the rest of the United States. To butress the above, we have Franklin County, PA with the second highest in the region at 6.6% but with the huge Proctor Read more [...]

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