Why You Should Have an SEO Hired-Gun Look After Your Website–Not Yourself

Our Quad State Region Has A Number of SEO Journeymen (and Women) Who Do Outstanding SEO Work  Why do we as business owners need an SEO expense anyway?  Isn't this just some cooked up way that consultants get more money out of us?  Frankly, I confess...I Read more [...]

What’s Working Now: The Top 10 E-Mail Marketing Opening Lines

The Job Of E-Mail Subject Lines is To, Well, Get Your Message Read, Isn't It? Is This Your Current Top 10, Too? (With a nod to Dave Letterman's Retirement) Having spent the better part of my working life with direct mail, I've got to confess that I'm Read more [...]

The 10 Top Ways Quad State Businesses Can Attract More Customers On Shoestring Budget—Part III

  Business Talk Column—Part III This submission will conclude our 3-part series on customer acquisition on the cheap. We have looked at ways 1-7 in the two past Quad State Business Journal submissions and now we look at the final three. Our editors Read more [...]

Marketing With Coupons To Have a Double Impact for Quad State Businesses in 2014

As a business owner and as a customer, we all have our own attitudes about coupons. We know that some businesses cannot seem to exist without coupons and some never use the things. In various sources, including a Harvard Business Review treatment of Read more [...]

Quad State Businesses Planing Initiatives: 2014

 [Note: As planning should be a continual task, the PDA model, Plan-Do-Analyze and re-think, we thought a series treatment might be helpful to QSBJ readers.] We have a lot of variety in businesses in the Quad State. I recently met several husband-wife Read more [...]

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