**Non-Profit Management In the Quad State Region

By Jack Stephens and Steve Lanning

Working along the I-81 corridor in the core counties of our Quad State region, we find some interesting aspects of non-profits in general for our area.

In this section, we will endeavor to bring you the business news for our area non-profits, what some of you are doing, want to do and will be doing later on in the year.

If you as a non-profit executive wish to bring news of your organization to the attention of the QSBJ readers, you may use this section as your own business playground if you will.

Send information to Matt@QuadStateBusinessNews.com and our editors will look to get it into our publishing schedule. While we cannot guarantee that every notice you send can be published, the non-profit landscape for the Quad State is an important one.

Here are the results of some initial research of our are that you may be interested in.

The Huge Quad State Non-profit Landscape

Looking at the five main counties that go to make up our region, the non-profit world makes for interesting research. The information below is courtesy of Tax Exempt World.

Franklin County, PA

Total number of organizations according to IRS records: 930.

These 920 organizations report a total income of $884, 438,471 as to the tax exempt report. Total assets for all the tax exempt organizations in Franklin County are valued at $1,584,140,027.

Drilling down into the data by our editors gave us a very interesting insights, albeit limited, as to some of the organizational make up. On each county, we asked our researcher to give us data on churches.

Many people who are quick to point to taxing churches as they were thought to make up the largest part of the non-profit organization base.

We asked our researcher to also give us their best estimate of the percentage of churches in the non-profit group in each county.

In Franklin County, PA, churches represented only 6% of the 930 organizations. When it comes to government officials to think that their next pot of tax gold would be churches, they may want to think twice.

Washington County, MD

Total number of organizations according to IRS records: 1,031.

These 1,031 organizations report an income of $788,695,783. Those one thousand organizations report having total assets of $1,302,510,725—slightly less than Franklin County.

As to the percentage of churches to the non-profit organizational total, our researcher gave us approximately 11% of the Washington County non-profits are churches.

Berkeley County, WV

Berkeley County sports 541 non-profit organizations who, all totaled, had a cumulative income of $261,992,543.

Those organizations had total assets of $227,119,349.

In the category of churches as a percentage of the total non-profit organizations for Berkeley County, churches represent only 7% of the total.

Jefferson County, WV

In Jefferson County there are 418 non-profit organizations that have a cumulative income of $107,776,055.

Jefferson County’s 418 organizations had total assets of $159,207, 131 according to IRS numbers.

As to the percentage of churches of that 418 figure, churches came in at just 4% of the total.

Frederick County, VA

Frederick County, Virginia is listed at 297 non-profit organizations that had a cumulative income of $60,680,796.

The assets of those 297 organizations are listed as $163,655,107.

The percentage of churches within the Frederick County non-profit group came in at 14%.




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