Does the Structure and Purpose of Your Business Make a Difference In Its Success?

Convene is a group of seasoned business owners, all Christians, who want to help believers build their businessIn our quest to inspire more business births, we need to look at our Big Picture purpose. This article is not only for start-ups, but mature business managers also. Over the last 10 years, probably over just the last five years, there has been an explosion Read more [...]

A Business Coach Looks at 12 Leadership Qualities

Ask most people, business owners included, how they would define leadership, and there ensues either a long dissertation of the great leaders of history--or simply a brief, "I don't know, but I know it when I see it" type answer. Actually leadership, Read more [...]

Washington County Selects Lewis as DBD Director

Several years ago the Washington County Commissioners made what the Quad State Business Journal feels is a good decision in changing the name of something akin to the Washington County Development Authority to the Department of Business Development. This Read more [...]

Quad State Trucking Biz: Pay Highway Use Tax By September 2

Think You Know What Truckers Pay In Highway Use Tax? Of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, many of them reside right here in our Quad State region--including many owner-operators. Many of us complain, gripe and moan when we are traveling I-70 Read more [...]

The (Now) 20-Point Boomers Guide to Developing a Business In Retirement (Or On the Side)–Part II

  This is our second installment of 10 points...see the first 10 points here (link). I just feel that I need to get some insight out to the past 41 years of working with entrepreneurs and business owners of virtually every sizeā€”but I love to Read more [...]

10-Point Boomers Guide to Developing a Business In Retirement (Or On the Side)–Part I

To this writer, one of the most disappointing things in being (ahem) at the age of so-called retirement is seeing the thousands of my fellow boomers take their talent out of the marketplace. Sure, I've been told, why bother yourself. Just sit back, Read more [...]

Quad State Region Overflowing With Business Solutions Talent

It is amazing how much we all can get in a rut in running our businesses and organizations in using the same solutions at the same costs and many times getting the same result. Consider these points: --A call comes from a business owner to a friend, Read more [...]

New Products of Quad State Businesses

Every Business Needs a Constant Supply of New Products and Processes In our effort to not only 'wave the flag' of Quad State businesses in general, we want to alert others to the new products and processes introduced by individual Quad State businesses Read more [...]

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