Do You Want Your Brochure/App/Video, etc. To Sell or Prime? We can include websites in that list, too...any type of device that you use to get potential customers, clients, patients or members happily involved with what you do. The greatest arsenal Read more [...]

Do You Know Your Conversion Ratios for Your Business?

I once worked with  a business owner client who considered himself an old sales manager who would tell his team constantly, "Anything worth doing is worth being measured!" Conversion ratios are the life blood--or the death knell--of any business or Read more [...]

Washington County Selects Lewis as DBD Director

Several years ago the Washington County Commissioners made what the Quad State Business Journal feels is a good decision in changing the name of something akin to the Washington County Development Authority to the Department of Business Development. This Read more [...]

Quad State Trucking Biz: Pay Highway Use Tax By September 2

Think You Know What Truckers Pay In Highway Use Tax? Of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, many of them reside right here in our Quad State region--including many owner-operators. Many of us complain, gripe and moan when we are traveling I-70 Read more [...]

Washington County Charitable Exec? The Gaming Commission Wants to Talk With You

WASHINGTON COUNTY GAMING COMMISSION SEEKING APPLICANTS   The  Washington County Office of Community Grant Management is seeking individuals to serve on the Washington County Gaming Commission.   A change in legislation, effective July Read more [...]

Did the IRS Just Cut Out Lawyers In the Creation of Non-profits?

New 1023-EZ Form Makes Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status Easier; Most Charities Qualify  Maybe new Quad State charities will have less start-up expense now than use a local attorney to form their non-profit. However the use of attorneys strike Read more [...]

Is There a Quad State Non-Profit You Are Working With? The IRS Flags May 15 As a Critical Date

When I was working closely with non-profits a few years ago, I remember looking at the huge list of 'Revoked Non-Profits' in the Quad State region and I remember letting out a little gasp. As you may know, the majority of non-profits are shoestring operations—that Read more [...]

Can You Help Your Quad State Non-Profit Crowdfund?

Taking On or Joining With The Crowdfunding Movement At first I thought this was akin to Angel Investing only for nonprofits. But crowdfunding is for everyone--really. The Quad State Business Journal had an article in 2013 about a Washington,DC restaurant Read more [...]

IRS To Issue Proposed Guidance for (c) (4) Tax-Exempt Social Welfare Organizations: Comments Sought

It seems that the hearings involving the IRS did have some impact. Quad State nonprofits and their supporters should understand this latest 'clarification' particularly in regards to the 2014 election. The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Read more [...]

New Report Details So-Called ‘Corporate Espionage’ on Nonprofits

In what could be classified as 'the new business climate under our current administration' (per an unidentified source), corporate espionage has a brand new face in commerce. While the Quad State Business Journal has not yet located a Quad State Read more [...]

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