Do You Want Your Brochure/App/Video, etc. To Sell or Prime? We can include websites in that list, too...any type of device that you use to get potential customers, clients, patients or members happily involved with what you do. The greatest arsenal Read more [...]

Are Business Leads Your #1 Priority?

on-line-marketing-diagramFor some Quad State owners business leads are first, for some it isn't. We've been pondering the latest Google 'adjustment' for their search engine. Some have been greatly affected in their gathering of business leads. We have received some howls, Read more [...]

Are Our 11 Quad State Area Chambers Doing Enough for Their Members?

Frankly, An Editorial I didn't want to make this an editorial, but I didn't want anything I might say cast the other Quad State Business Journal (QSBJ) writers or staff in question. (Maybe I should put a question market after that?) Also, I do not Read more [...]

Washington County Selects Lewis as DBD Director

Several years ago the Washington County Commissioners made what the Quad State Business Journal feels is a good decision in changing the name of something akin to the Washington County Development Authority to the Department of Business Development. This Read more [...]

Quad State Trucking Biz: Pay Highway Use Tax By September 2

Think You Know What Truckers Pay In Highway Use Tax? Of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the US, many of them reside right here in our Quad State region--including many owner-operators. Many of us complain, gripe and moan when we are traveling I-70 Read more [...]

To the Singleton Marketing Their Services: Three Unusual Rules for Client Engagement

Ah, the singleton marketing their services...the ultimate entrepreneurial adventure! Over the last four decades with large chunks of that time marketing my own services and other large chunks helping others market their services, there are a few things Read more [...]

Is A Poorly Designed Website Costing You Revenue—Or Even Putting Your Entire Business at Risk?

As business owners, we rely a lot on other people's talents, connections and even advice and criticisms. Oh, we don't really want that part to be spread around for sure. We would like other people to think that we are the proverbial self-made business Read more [...]

The Quad State Home Office CEO

This section will be dedicated to new and existing home-based businesses, their news of new products, services and processes. We will seek to build a working network and give them a platform here in this section of QSBJ. If you represent a group of home-based Read more [...]

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