Business Formation Crisis Coming Home to RoostFrankly An Editorial The Quad State region is under crisis. America is under crisis. The crisis is the lack of business formation--not only in the Quad State region, but in American in general. Yet this is more than a job for any business Read more [...]

DESPERATELY WANTED: Entrepreneurs Willing to Fail

Frankly, An Editorial When was the last time you did something for the first time? In America, in our culture, in our Quad State region we esteem success. We worship success. We hold the champions on our shoulders. We want to be around them. Why Read more [...]

The 20 Best Leadership Qualities That Have Stood the Test of Time

Take a break right now. What I'd like you to do is sit down and think about your business life. How have these qualities served you over the last five, 10, 20, 40 or more years in business? These are not my own.  But I subscribe to every one Read more [...]

Is It All That Important To Have Ethics In Business 100% of the Time?

  Frankly, an Editorial (Every one in business fudges a bit now and then, right?) When I first started out in business for myself in the mid-1970s, I subconsciously looked for examples of 'how to do business' in other people who were also Read more [...]

Finding Money For Your Business in the Quad State

OK, we admit.  This is a tease. The Quad State Business Journal, in order to form a more cohesive union of business support in our Quad State region, is going to be making an announcement about finding LOCAL cash for your business. Watch for it in Read more [...]

Top Business Advice to Young Business Leaders for 2015

Tuesday 12/30/2014 @ 10:30 A.M. While it is customary for publications to wax eloquent about the coming year's issues and opportunities, it's always a challenge for me to find copy that actually makes sense for business owners. All business owners. As Read more [...]

How Businesses Can Earn Money Advertising Themselves

Thousands of businesses each year discover the wonder of being to a) advertise their business in unique ways and formats; and b) earn money by doing so. And it's all right under your nose. If the newspaper ad sales and phone book marketers knew Read more [...]

Is This the Best News Home Improvement Contractors Could Ever Have?

This is closed circuit to Quad State home improvement contractors. Please do not share. In my personal scan across the world's media looking for business trends we could share with our Quad State Business Journal readers, I ran into a VERY interesting Read more [...]


Frankly, an editorial The more I get 'out' in the various business communities, the more frustrated I become. Not with businesses certainly. But with those gurus and so-called educational experts who are called upon to lead business. Question: When Read more [...]

What Kind of Business Leads Work the Best for You?

Frankly, An Editorial There is a plethora of ways that you and I buy. But why do we buy what we do? Obviously, I'm referring to something other than groceries or gasoline...that is a pretty much ubiquitous commodity. But even then there is that Read more [...]

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