Have You Discovered the Critical Path For Your Business?

An Example of Critical Path Application Resulting In Higher Net ProfitBack in the eighties I had a friend of mine, Bob Randolph of the Professional Management Institute, tell me there were only about 11 effective critical paths in all of business. [Note: This post may be a little less 'sexy' than the QSBJ's posts on Read more [...]


Get these terms correct for your business and the world is your oyster. Very simply the terms are marketing and selling, If someone came up to you today and asked you to define marketing and selling, what would you tell them? Business owners Read more [...]

Does the Structure and Purpose of Your Business Make a Difference In Its Success?

Convene is a group of seasoned business owners, all Christians, who want to help believers build their businessIn our quest to inspire more business births, we need to look at our Big Picture purpose. This article is not only for start-ups, but mature business managers also. Over the last 10 years, probably over just the last five years, there has been an explosion Read more [...]


Do You Want Your Brochure/App/Video, etc. To Sell or Prime? We can include websites in that list, too...any type of device that you use to get potential customers, clients, patients or members happily involved with what you do. The greatest arsenal Read more [...]

The Quad State Venture Capital Club: Is It Time?

An interesting thing happened to me on the way to speak at a meeting in our Quad State region. It was just one of those happenstance meetings with a very savvy individual,  but it got me thinking. We quite possibly could even do our own Quad State Read more [...]

Do You Know Your Conversion Ratios for Your Business?

I once worked with  a business owner client who considered himself an old sales manager who would tell his team constantly, "Anything worth doing is worth being measured!" Conversion ratios are the life blood--or the death knell--of any business or Read more [...]

Have You Heard about Google My Business?

Google My BusinessGoogle My Business is the new Google platform for creating, managing, and monitoring local business listings. It is a great place to start for Quad State companies that are just getting started on the web; but it is also becoming the primary, single dashboard Read more [...]

Seven Key Insights to Great Marketing

One of the things just about all of at who write for the Quad State Business Journal have noticed is that how owners are reluctant to try something new. This is true whether the business has been around for 20 or more years and is dying or brand new. Recently Read more [...]

Do We Have the Next Phase of Entrepreneurial Activity All Wrong?

By Perry Marshall, [Publisher's Note: For those who may not know Perry Marshall, he is one of the hyper-successful Internet/Management souls who has amassed a following of successful students and adherents to his 80/20 paradigm. His book, 80/20 Sales Read more [...]

Washington County Selects Lewis as DBD Director

Several years ago the Washington County Commissioners made what the Quad State Business Journal feels is a good decision in changing the name of something akin to the Washington County Development Authority to the Department of Business Development. This Read more [...]

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