Dear Quad State business owner, Mark it down on your calendar--April 21...another Google slap is coming. You should be ready for this one however with the quality webmasters in the Quad State region advising you. Let's set some background. Running Read more [...]


Get these terms correct for your business and the world is your oyster. Very simply the terms are marketing and selling, If someone came up to you today and asked you to define marketing and selling, what would you tell them? Business owners Read more [...]

Does the Structure and Purpose of Your Business Make a Difference In Its Success?

Convene is a group of seasoned business owners, all Christians, who want to help believers build their businessIn our quest to inspire more business births, we need to look at our Big Picture purpose. This article is not only for start-ups, but mature business managers also. Over the last 10 years, probably over just the last five years, there has been an explosion Read more [...]

Crisis: Who Will Help Quad State Entrepreneurs Start and Multiply Businesses?

It's a national crisis. It's not only a crisis for those fans of business, such as the chambers of commerce and other groups, it's a crisis for communities all across the United States. In a riveting article by J.D. Harrison in The Washington Post, Read more [...]

Is It All That Important To Have Ethics In Business 100% of the Time?

  Frankly, an Editorial (Every one in business fudges a bit now and then, right?) When I first started out in business for myself in the mid-1970s, I subconsciously looked for examples of 'how to do business' in other people who were also Read more [...]

Finding Money For Your Business in the Quad State

OK, we admit.  This is a tease. The Quad State Business Journal, in order to form a more cohesive union of business support in our Quad State region, is going to be making an announcement about finding LOCAL cash for your business. Watch for it in Read more [...]

What Does Your 2015 Game Plan Look Like? A Three Point Plan to Consider

We can't help but admire the Big Project goal of  the City of Hagerstown (some Washington County watchers call it the city's 'Hail Mary' pass to improve downtown). The City of Hagerstown is giving away free downtown land to developers in exchange for Read more [...]

The Quad State Venture Capital Club: Is It Time?

An interesting thing happened to me on the way to speak at a meeting in our Quad State region. It was just one of those happenstance meetings with a very savvy individual,  but it got me thinking. We quite possibly could even do our own Quad State Read more [...]

How Businesses Can Earn Money Advertising Themselves

Thousands of businesses each year discover the wonder of being to a) advertise their business in unique ways and formats; and b) earn money by doing so. And it's all right under your nose. If the newspaper ad sales and phone book marketers knew Read more [...]

USA Logistics Impacting the Quad State Area by Default

The Quad State region's lifeblood is the trucking industry of the goods trade. We came across a very interesting Brookings article on the 100 largest metro areas and how we are all interrelated. We encourage QSBJ readers to follow up with the link at Read more [...]

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