What Keeps You Inspired to Continue On?

You are up until 3AM putting the finishing touches on a proposal that you are told is a ‘wired’ arrangement. Your prospective customer, you are told, wants to work with only you.

However, you are determined not to leave anything to chance going over your proposal again and again before presenting it.

You present your proposal flawlessly. You are confident. The others in your team are confident that you are getting the business.

Then a call comes in. You did not get the piece of business you and the others were counting on. You are discouraged. Others are discouraged.

Now, going forward, how do you get your business back on track? How do you get motivated again?

Discouragement Is Part of Business, but Still…

Some owners, managers and entrepreneurs have a business coach or someone they can vent with privately. And then allow the brainstorming to commence for the next round.

Others look privately to quotes, Bible passages, philosophers, other owners, inspirational speakers or music to help them get their balance back.

Over the coming months, we look to bring Quad State Business Journal readers what other Quad State owners and managers do when they get a bad break. In sharing, we can all grow.

Let me start our ‘bidding’ for this section with a couple items to give you an idea for the flavor of this column…

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing the wit and wisdom of the late Zig Ziglar (1926-2012) in person several times. My times with Zig never failed to leave an impression or several pages of quotes—or both from this World War II veteran…

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

or how about this one from Zig that I’ve always held dear…


You can’t say that you have a successful business if your home life is in shambles.” -Zig Ziglar

I’ve also gotten a lot out of reading and hearing Brian Tracy. I also remember the time in the early 1980s when I was on the phone with Brian asking him to allow me to create a newsletter for him—before he moved from Canada to San Diego, CA. Didn’t happen, but it was still fun trying!

Then there were my own business coaches who gave me their shoulders and their size 10 in my posterior when I needed it.

As the creator and co-founder of the National Association of Business Coaches, I immediately saw the tremendous value of a business coach, not only for clients, but for myself as well. (I sold NABC in 2002 to a Canadian group and I’ve had to deal with seller’s remorse ever since!)

I’m reminded of ‘old-timer’ Barbara Streisand was correct when she sang in the lyrics to “People,” to wit “…people who need people are the luckiest people…” And we all do need one another—well, selectively of course.

Hence, this is where we can all gather under the umbrella of Quad State Commerce to share what motivates, encourages, stimulates us. And do that to encourage ourselves, customers, vendors and suppliers and/or others and keep on keeping on with our businesses.

Join with the QSBJ with your input to make the Quad State region the best place to grow a business and a life–and where we remain unabashedly pro business.

Looking forward!


About Steve Lanning

Steve Lanning is a nationally recognized entrepreneur who has been creating his own paycheck since 1975 and loves to help others do likewise. As the founder of both the National Association of Business Coaches (sold in 2002) and the Consultants National Resource Center (for all marketers of professional services), he and his family have lived in three of the four states in our Quad State region. His passion is to see individuals and small businesses, start-ups to mature, discover and promote their strengths in building revenue streams individually, that, collectively, make for a strong region as reported on and celebrated by the Quad State Business Journal. He can be contacted at AdviceMarketing@gmail.com.

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