The Coming Quad State Regional Jobs War; Nice Problem to Have or Problem in Search of a Solution?

Look at where we are right now.

Just from what we have posted in the Quad State Business Journal over the last 4-5 weeks, we have three of our central counties–Jefferson, Berkeley and Franklin–with major companies with job announcements.

In Jefferson, Broken-Mobile came over from Loudoun County and is in a broad, even nationwide, search for employees. There are several other things going on or getting ready to pop in Jefferson County.

Washington County has announced or is getting ready to announce some good initiatives. One cannot help but be a little jealous, from a county or city planner’s viewpoint, of Washington County’s geographic location being smack dab at the intersection of two Interstates. Too bad politics has gotten in the way of sound business growth there. However, we are hopeful of new wisdom prevailing in economic development.

We posted an article about Navy Federal Credit Union’s being the 800-pound jobs gorilla in Frederick/Winchester. The Winchester area is special in that although it can have a focus towards Washington, DC, it benefits for being part of the I-81 corridor.  And as most business watchers realize that for our area, business flows north and south MUCH more freely than east to west.

In Berkeley and Franklin counties, where the real jobs war might be waged, we have the war just starting between Macy’s distribution center in Berkeley and Proctor and Gamble’s distribution center in Franklin.

Proctor & Gamble are now on the prowl to get 1,000 jobs filled at their new Franklin County distribution center near Chambersburg. They could recruit from as far away as Harrisburg and have several other areas. They could also take from the Waynesboro area, too, that is just getting their sea legs under them from a major plant closing recently.

As to Macy’s in Berkeley County,  I personally had a conversation with, let’s call her a well-placed Macy’s employee, who shall remain nameless for the time being. She told me directly that they are looking beyond their big hiring binge of last year to having to hire over 3,000 souls over the next 12 to 36 months.   She said they were frankly concerned as to where the new employees will be coming from.

Again, the above instances must also compete with the new businesses that are popping up all across our region. Good for our citizenry certainly, but a headache for those associated with the human resource positions in companies across our region.

We think it is a nice problem to have.



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