Finding Money For Your Business in the Quad State

OK, we admit.  This is a tease.

The Quad State Business Journal, in order to form a more cohesive union of business support in our Quad State region, is going to be making an announcement about finding LOCAL cash for your business. Watch for it in about three weeks or so.

This will be good news both for those looking for money for their ideas.

This will be good news for those who have an ongoing business who just need some cash to take it to the next level.

This will be good news for those who a) want to earn more than 1.25 percent on their money; and b) help local businesses improve the local economy at the same time.

This new thing will be available to all 45,000++ businesses in our Quad State region…no business would be too small.

Keep tuned to this channel!

Onward and upward!

Steve Lanning, Publisher, Quad State Business Journal

About Steve Lanning

Steve Lanning is a nationally recognized entrepreneur who has been creating his own paycheck since 1975 and loves to help others do likewise. As the founder of both the National Association of Business Coaches (sold in 2002) and the Consultants National Resource Center (for all marketers of professional services), he and his family have lived in three of the four states in our Quad State region. His passion is to see individuals and small businesses, start-ups to mature, discover and promote their strengths in building revenue streams individually, that, collectively, make for a strong region as reported on and celebrated by the Quad State Business Journal. He can be contacted at

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