DESPERATELY WANTED: Entrepreneurs Willing to Fail

Frankly, An Editorial

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

In America, in our culture, in our Quad State region we esteem success. We worship success. We hold the champions on our shoulders. We want to be around them.

Why is it that we continue to sit on a great idea, or a bunch of them, and tell others, “I’m waiting until the time is right to launch this business” or the ‘right time’ to write a book, start a project or any one of a dozen ‘best’ ideas?

I have a confession to make. I haven fallen into the ‘right time’ trap–many times.

But what is REALLY behind our failure to launch our dreams? When you sum it all up, when we look at the conditions, the money we think we will need, the people we will need to involve in starting our idea, it comes down to one thing.

We do not start, 99% of the time,  because of our own fear of failure.

Maybe we think we need permission.

Yet look at the people of accomplishment around our Quad State region. Do we honestly think that THEY just had an idea, an opportunity, an opening in the business world and they were successful from Day One?

We don’t see what they went through. Sure, there are several business owners in every county who were indeed handed the reins of the business by a parent. But to keep a business going and growing, one needs to have had a foundation of getting going and keeping it going regardless of setbacks.

This post is about encouraging you to get started.

Local Business Needs Your Help!

Local Business Needs Your Help!

Get that duck in the water that you’ve been putting off. Think of the well-worn story of Thomas Edison in failing 5,000 (or 10,000) times before the light bulb became an engineering viability.

You need to start. Now.

The world is trying to squeeze you into its mold. Don’t allow it! We need manifested in the marketplace what you have going on in your head.

Much of our society is made up of getting people to conform. (Maybe one day all elementary school kids will have a rubberized playground. Gotta keep people away from failing and hurting themselves somehow. Ha!)

That goes for business as well as education (ever hear of Common Core?). But the real breakthroughs in a business–large or small–start up to mature–in education, in science, engineering, you name it, all come from people who were unwilling to conform to a degree, and get out of their comfort zone.

No, I don’t mean community organizing and protests. That type of activity doesn’t give any benefit to the majority of people you’re trying to help.

I mean speaking up in a meeting when the Zone Manager or other ‘Mr. Big’ is present. I mean calling an accountant or attorney, business coach or a marketing guy or gal and telling them you are committing to launching your idea.

And then follow through on the ONE idea that you are most passionate about.

Too many people get idea-happy trying to launch several projects at once. THAT is a sure sign of failure 99.9% of the time. You need to focus on your ONE main thing and keep that main thing the main thing until you cannot go further.

When or if that idea proves to be a failure, go to the next idea on your list.

Keep everlastingly at it.

Tom Peters in his book, Thriving On Chaos, asked corporate leaders to encourage their departments and internal idea champions to “…get the failures out of the way as fast as you can…”

Does your company have an ACTIVE Innovation Center where you brainstorm and look at new products and services your company could be offering?

We’ve got the month of February just ahead. See if you can start something in the next four weeks for the first time, OK?

And let me know about, fair enough? Our Quad State region is desperately seeking your ideas in our local marketplace to serve us!







About Steve Lanning

Steve Lanning is a nationally recognized entrepreneur who has been creating his own paycheck since 1975 and loves to help others do likewise. As the founder of both the National Association of Business Coaches (sold in 2002) and the Consultants National Resource Center (for all marketers of professional services), he and his family have lived in three of the four states in our Quad State region. His passion is to see individuals and small businesses, start-ups to mature, discover and promote their strengths in building revenue streams individually, that, collectively, make for a strong region as reported on and celebrated by the Quad State Business Journal. He can be contacted at

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